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White Marble Radha Krishna Statues

Our expertise also lies in manufacturing and designing a wide assortment of Radha Krishna Statues. Showing the real feeling of love, Lord Krishna is known for his his fabulous beauty, mesmerizing divine-plays (lilas), devotion (bhakti) & salvation (mukti). The golden coloured Mukut has added more beauty to both of them. Wearing elegant dress and beautiful matching jewelry, Radha Krishna Statues are ready to steal everyone's heart.

Marble Temples is a leading manufacturer of white marble Radha Krishna statues in Rajasthan. In this category, you will find both Krishna and Radha-Krishna idols. We have Lord Krishna statues in varying patterns. This collection has a number of Krishna idols playing flute is the signature pose. The Krishna murti is accompanied by a cow or peacock on the pedestrian.

One of the products from our collection is Krishna as a child sitting crossed legged and holding flute in his one hand. The nimbus behind his head, the peacock feather, long garland, decorative jewellery and embellished clothing has added more divinity to these statues.

You can also buy marble temple home decoration in the other section of our website. We have an affordable range to bring the glory of Krishna in every home. The connection between Lord Krishna and his consort Radha is not only spiritual but playful too. Pure marble is utilized in the manufacturing of these products. Excellent artistry makes these idols look enthralling; thus bringing devotees more close to their much-loved god.

We have taken the art of marble statue making to the next level with the amazing craftsmanship. Our range has Krishna idols and Radha-Krishna sculptures in diverse designs, shape, and sizes to match the clientele’s choice. Our Lord Krishna statues are available in an extraordinary arrangement.

Marble Krishna Radha Statue
Code: MRKS01
Lord Krishna, in crossed leg standing posture and playing his lovely flute in melodious tone to hypnotize whole world. A peacock feather is charmingly put into his elegant mukut. While the long garland and sparkling jewelry are enhancing his beauty. Gift this piece of Lord Krishna statues to any Krishna lover or install in your interior temple!
Krishna Marble Statue
Code: MRKS02
Statue of Lord Krishna and his delighting potency Radha, who are the embodiment of exclusive and unalloyed love. Carved out of single block of marble and wearing fascinating dress & jewelry, Radha Krishna Statues are certain to win the hearts of everyone.
Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS03
Krishna is captured in His classic pose of playing the flute enchanting all the cow herders' daughters with his charisma and melodies. Krishna's beautiful face has a slight smile on his lips, as if he knows that he is in some way up to mischief. No detail is spared on his cloths and jewelry. All of his jewels are perfectly carved.
Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS04

Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS05

Radha Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS06

Radha Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS07

Radha Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS08

Radha Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS09

Radha Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS10

Radha Krishna Statue
Code: MRKS11