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Marble Durga Statues

We offer our clients an exclusive range of Marble Durga Statues. These statues are simply elegant and beautiful. Durga Maa Statues are known for their excellent colour combination. These are designed in various sizes and patterns. The goddess riding on lion presents an image of lady with power and aura. These statues are carved by multi skilled artisans who give these statues proper finish and glossy image.

The supreme deity and the mother of the universe, Maa Durga comes to bring you Prosperity in life. At Marble Temple, we have an extensive range of marble Durga idols that you can buy at the most affordable prices. If you are someone, who is engaged in the hue of devotion and wants to seek the blessings from Maa Adishakti, you have come to the right place. We are your one-stop destination where you get different types of maa durga statues.

Prime Quality Marble Statue of Maa Durga

We carve and manufacture marble Durga statue to meet your devotion level and let you connect with it spiritually. We have a team of highly passionate craftsmen that works tirelessly to manufacture the best marble statues of Maa Durga. Their skills are outstanding which makes them capable of presenting Maa Durga in her glory. We keep everyone's emotions in mind while manufacturing the statue of Maa Durga. And our skills are what set us apart from other manufacturers.

We don't just pick the marble of the finest quality but also put our expertise to bring you the ideal idols of Maa Durga for you. Our catalog stocks all the patterns, designs, and colors you may want in marble maa durga statue. The statues have an attractive appearance and are curved to bring you the pleasure of seeking the blessings of Maa Durga. We don't just guarantee the quality of marble but also ensure you get the best designs without a doubt. If you are looking for the best marble statues of Maa Durga, connect with us and buy one for your temple right away. Whatever young may want, we have it all.

Marble Maa Durga Statue
Code: MGS01

Maa Durga, the supreme mother of all the three worlds. Destroyer of demons and delighter of devotees. Endowed with eight arms, riding on her vahana lion. Painstakingly carved marble statue of Maa Durga confers blessing to all her devotees. Splendid and charming piece of Marble Durga Statues.

Marble Durga Statue
Code: MGS02

Maa Durga, in her all time best blessing pose and beautifully dressed in vastra and jewelry. Sitting on her vahan lion and armed with celestial weapons, Goddess Durga idols will prove focal point in outdoor as well as indoor temples.

Marble Maa Durga Statue
Code: MGS03