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Lord White Marble Shiva Statues in India

We offer the beautiful statues of Lord Shiva in different patterns. Lord Shiva, also called Rudra in the oldest scripture Rigveda. He is considered the destroyer of whole world, yet at the same time he is also very benevolent. We manufacture aesthetic Marble Shiva Statue in a wide range of patterns, sizes and postures. These statues are crafted by our experienced artisians who have excelled in the art of holy shiv parivar idols making. Marble Temples specialises in offering the customers with remarkable products which are not only compliant the industry standards but also are an adornment for homes and offices.

These durable idols are alluring due to intricate carving and embellishment, and come at an affordable price. Our Shiv Parvati marble statue is a masterpiece designed for holy idol lovers. All products under this category have been polished to make the shine everlasting. The state of the art machines used for the creation process of these Marble Shiva idol results in quality finishing. The shape, colour and size can also be customized as per your needs.


Lord Shiva Marble Idols in India at Wholesale Price

Shiva murtis are designed with intent to adjust the cosmos which can heal your thought process. We acquire high-quality marble raw materials to design and create shiv parivar statues which enthral the spectators. It is also believed to balance the flow of energy in the homes when placed in the right direction. Mahadev is considered as one of the most powerful gods in Hinduism. He is the destroyer of evil forces whose blessing and brings peace at home. Keeping a murti in your house altar and offering your prayer to Lord Mahaveda can bring solace and spirituality to your soul and mind.

Buy the finest quality Lord Mahadev idols from our exclusive collections. The products represent the holy god; are also perfect examples of utilizing modern techniques to revive the ancient ethnicity.

Marble Shiv Statue
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Lord Shiva is the creator, preserver and destroyer. Worshipped as the paramount lord by the Soviet sects of India. He is the the Supreme God and is both static and dynamic. Keeping the different beliefs of the people, we have designed a collection of Lord Shiva statues in deep meditation.
Marble Shiv Statue
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Marble Shiv Statue
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Marble Shiv Statue
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Marble Shiv Statue
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